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23 April 2021
Amerigo introduces OCTAVE, its new jumping saddle

Elegance and technical design for a top performance. Amerigo launches Octave, the new jump saddle for a harmonic performance!

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2 September 2020
Amerigo introduces its new Safety Stirrup!

The new Amerigo safety stirrup features an aesthetic lightness and simplicity of release that combine with the safety of mobile parts which are easily replaced after having been released

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2 September 2020
The HC Dressage saddle, a new addition to the dressage collection!

The HC Dressage saddle has been specifically designed for horses with high croups that tend to tip the saddle forward when in movement

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29 April 2020
The new Amerigo Product Catalogue

The new Amerigo catalogue features new look graphics and all the new products with detailed information. It comes in three languages: English, French and German.

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