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Amerigo - 
The choice of Champions

Top Class performances in any discipline require a healthy, fit and talented horse to able to give of its best. We are
proud to have a such a large number of top international champions who rides with Amerigo equipment to reach their goals.
Photo Credits

Michael Eilberg

"Amerigo gives me the balance and position i need to really become one with my horse. To truly influence my horse in a positive way with no restrictions."
Photo by Stefano Secchi

Edwina Tops-Alexander

"I’ve been riding with Amerigo saddles for over 15 years and I can say that I feel totally at one with my horse. Not only the quality of the saddles are great but the way they fit the horse to allow them to be able to use there body the best way possible without any discomfort. In the end every detail counts and I know without these saddles I wouldn’t have achieved the success I’ve had today".
Photo by Stefano Stecchi

Olivier Robert 

"I like the Amerigo Saddle for the comfort they bring for my horses and me. It’s amazing to have a saddle totally fitted to each horse with all different trees and panels that they have. I never have to worry about my saddle, I just have to ride!"
Photo by Stefano Secchi

Daniel Deusser

"The concept convinced me, the success proved it. We’ve now being working successfully together for many years. It’s a partnership that I owe a lot to."
Photo by Sportfot

Lillie Keenan

"The saddle is the main point of connection between horse and rider – where two spines meet. My Amerigo saddles, through their sympathetic construction, keep me and my horses in perfect balance and harmony".
Photo by Martin Foerster

Christoph Wahler

"As an athlete I rely completely on my equipment. The high level of precision and attention to detail put into every individual saddle by Peter Menet and his Team give me an incomparable level of reliability and comfort. I was convinced from day 1!"
Photo by Stefano Secchi

Dirk Schrade

"After many years of using Amerigo Saddles, they are the only choice for me and my horses! The wide range of specially created models ensure that I always have the right saddles for my horses, suited to their individual needs, and giving me a balanced and secure position for every phase!"
Photo by Fiona Scott-Maxwell

Sam Griffiths

"Amerigo has been integral to my success for many years; way before I was even supported by Peter and Lisa Menet via Zebra Products I was riding in their saddles because I felt they were the best saddles out there. Event horses come in all shapes and sizes and the Amerigo Saddles always has a solution to every conformation type. I am now riding a young team of horses that rapidly change shape and the new DJ Pinerolo double flap jump saddle and Cervia Sienna dressage saddles have been a game changer for these modern sport horses that come in all shapes and sizes".
Photo by Camilla Hannell

Marina Mattsson

"I choose Amerigo saddles for the quality and comfort the saddles give me. It is possible to find the perfect saddle for both rider and horse because of the large number of possibilities the saddle can be adapted to the individual”.
Photo by Nina Krug

Jil Marielle Becks

"Amerigo is, for me, the ideal connection between horse and rider. From the very beginning I felt that the saddle optimised my seat and aids. There was also a visibly postive change in the horses muscle development, and were much more relaxed in their movement."
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