How to read the serial number.

A typical serial number


  175 N 1234 0113 M 4


175 Seat Size from 16.5 to 18.5

N Flap length: short= K, normal = N, Lang = L, extra long = XL

1234 actual saddle number

0113 Date of Manufacture 01 = Month of manufactur 13 = Year 2013

*For saddles made prior to 2010 the date of manufacture is indicated by 3 digits only

e.g. 1234049       04 = Month April      9 = Year 2009      0 = Year 2000

** Saddles manufactured in 1999 or 1998 have a 6 digit serial number instead of the later 7 or 8 digit numbers.

M Width

Widths wider than medium are indicated with a + before the number of cms difference from medium e.g. +1.5 is 1,5cm wider than medium, and widths narrower than medium are indicated by a – in front of the number e.g. -1.5 is 1.5cm narrower than medium.

We do advise purchasers of used saddles to check with the current owners if and changes have been made to the original width of the saddle without being noted on the flap.

Examples of some common widths:

Narrow = -1.5  Medium = M  Medium Wide = +1.5  Wide = +2.5  Extra wide = +3.5

4 Panel Volume

Each saddle is made with wool flocked independant panels that can be chosen in different volumes 2 , 4 or 6***

***according to requirement.

***Nr. 6 Dressage Saddles only!

SW This means that the saddle has a forward cut flap.

LHI This means that the saddle has been made with an extended head iron.

The longer head irons are suitable for horses with longer, hollow withers, and not for horses with shorter, rounder withers.



Since 2009 each saddle is also stamped with a code indicating the model. For a full list of all codes please see the Saddle Codes section.  PDF 




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