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  • The DJ Pinerolo saddle,
    the choice of Edwina Tops-Alexander

    photo credits: Therese Alhaug
    DJ Pinerolo
  • An Amerigo Leather Care Kit comes free with the purchase of your new Amerigo or Vega saddle.

    Performing in Harmony

  • The DJ Pinerolo saddle is the choice of Daniel Deusser

    DJ Pinerolo
  • The Masterclass saddle collection, a touch of personal glamour

    Masterclass collection
  • Safety and functionality in the new Amerigo stud girth GH38


Amerigo Philosophy

Amerigo embodies the values of excellence in horsemanship thanks to an approach that highlights the importance of the rider’s comfort and the horse’s well-being. Design, quality materials and skillful Italian manufacture come together to create made to measure saddles and technically designed accessories that stand out for functionality and elegance, providing an optimal situation for top performance in all equestrian disciplines: Showjumping, Dressage, Event, including Icelandic.
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Our Italian manufacture

Each Amerigo saddle is a masterpiece of craftsmanship: it is individually made to order in Italy by specially trained craftsmen and women using traditional methods with a modern touch.
All saddles combine technics and precision as well as the highest quality materials, including top quality naturally tanned Italian and French leathers.
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Research and Development is an important part of the Amerigo brand and product strategy, both to maintain the very high quality standards and to develop products to meet the requirements of a ever changing market.


A professional Saddle Management not only improves performance but it helps to keep the horse healthier too. The Amerigo Saddle Management begins with our Measuring System created by Peter Menet, the Amerigo Saddles Designer. It is the first step to ensuring a precise fit for both horse and rider.

Measuring Horse and Rider

The topline is measured to establish which saddle tree needs to be used. One of the core points of saddle fitting is that the saddle itself reflects the shape of the horses’ topline so that the saddle fits the horse accurately and allows for the weight to be carried in the correct area.
The profile of the horse is measured to establish the width of the saddle and the shape of the head iron. This process starts just behind the withers and is repeated at various points along the horses’ back.
The rider is measured. Leg measurements, height and weight are noted. Detailed information on horse and rider is compiled onto the measure sheet and will be used to create each individual saddle.

The benefits of choosing 
the Amerigo brand

Amerigo saddles can be customised to fit both horse and rider precisely, allowing them to achieve their best perfomance. Comfort for both horse and rider are very important aspects of top performance.
Technical details
Every saddle model or accessory item is a result of many years of experience and an understanding of the changing needs of horse and rider.
Safety for horse and rider are of upmost importance, combining with top class materials and innovative design to create each Amerigo product.
As well as technical possibilities to achieve the perfect fit for horse and rider, the saddles can also be personally customised to suit all tastes. The leather, colour details, and stitching can individually chosen for a unique finish.





Product Care



From Dressage and Event to Showjumping and Icelandic, there are many top international riders who have chosen Amerigo saddles to help them achieve their high level goals.
The choice of Champions
I’ve been riding with Amerigo saddles for over 15 years and I can say that I feel totally at one with my horse.
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Edwina Tops-Alexander
I like the Amerigo Saddle for the comfort they bring for my horses and me. 
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Olivier Robert
The high level of precision and attention to detail put into every individual saddle by Peter Menet and his Team give me an incomparable level of reliability and comfort.
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Christoph Wahler
Amerigo gives me the balance and position i need to really become one with my horse.
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Michael Eilberg
The concept convinced me, the success proved it. We’ve now being working successfully together for many years.
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Daniel Deusser
My Amerigo saddles, through their sympathetic construction, keep me and my horses in perfect balance and harmony.
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Lillie Keenan
Event horses come in all shapes and sizes and the Amerigo Saddles always has a solution to every conformation type.
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Sam Griffiths


27 October 2022
Amerigo introduces its new Dressage model Selva.

The Amerigo dressage saddle collection is growing thanks to a brand new entry: the Selva Dressage model. Created with a newly developed wooden spring tree, the Selva saddle is designed with emphasis on the sport performance as well as the essential comfort for the horse that always drives the Amerigo product philosophy. This new dressage model benefits from a new […]

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23 April 2021
Amerigo introduces OCTAVE, its new jumping saddle

Elegance and technical design for a top performance. Amerigo launches Octave, the new jump saddle for a harmonic performance!

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2 September 2020
Amerigo introduces its new Safety Stirrup!

The new Amerigo safety stirrup features an aesthetic lightness and simplicity of release that combine with the safety of mobile parts which are easily replaced after having been released

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